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First Day at Senior School

Happy Friday Senior families!

Welcome back to our wonderful existing families and a warm welcome to our new families. I would also like to introduce you to our new staff who have joined us at BSM. We are delighted to have them here and have no doubt they will bring so much to BSM and likewise get so much from being here.

Before I launch into what has been happening in and around BSM this week, let me congratulate the team of Mathematicians who travelled to Melbourne and South Africa this summer to represent BSM. Jenna Storey has kindly tracked their success in this article, please have a read!

Whilst this week has seen a day off already, we have hit the ground running to ensure your child/ren have all they need for a successful and fulfilling year. The school has been buzzing with those first day nerves and excitement to catch up with friends and make new ones.

Our lovely new Year 7’s reported for class dressed in their finest, no longer the eldest in their Key Stage but now stepping into a new era of Senior School. They have had a great start meeting their new form tutors and teachers while also enjoying the familiar sights around the campus.

The Year 8’s are over the moon they have moved from the youngest in the school! They have been busying themselves with their new timetables and navigating their way through our fabulous new Creative Arts Centre (if you haven’t yet seen this wonderful building, please take a look).

Welcoming our Year 9’s is always a joy. They seem to have grown and dare I say, matured over the summer, coming back with a sense of purpose! This year holds options for them and this is the start of a more defined educational journey. We will help them along the way, guiding and supporting as we go.

As I walked around campus, I came across a bunch of Year 10’s who were taller, more ‘grown up’, they too were somehow different, focused on the next step in their BSM experience. This focus and determination certainly transcends into Year 11, 12 and 13. Whilst ‘big’ years for our students, they will have so much fun along the way. It is important for all of them to recognise learning is important and time well spent is crucial to their successful studies but they must have balance in their lives too.

It is all too easy for us as parents to move from holiday to school mode, missing opportunities for laughter, nature and connectedness with others. Take time to have fun, eat dinner together and make sure your children get to sleep at a sensible time so they are fresh, bright eyed and bushy tailed for another day at BSM.

New to this role, I am sure there will be lots of ‘firsts’ for me this year and this will be the same for your children and possibly you, so let’s partner, communicate and head towards a wonderful year where we keep ourselves well physically, emotionally and mentally.

Have a great week folks!

Next week is Week B.

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