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Final Week of 2018 – 2019

Our final day and we have been extremely busy right up until the end. We have had a number of events across year groups in our final weeks that year groups have written about below.

Thank you for your support all year, have a wonderful break and we look forward to seeing you all again refreshed and raring to go on Monday 19 August.

Goodbye and good luck to colleagues who are leaving, not least Mr Mann who my gratitude to was expressed in the newsletter last week.

On to an array of wonderful end of year events:

Nursery assembly

What a fun-tastic assembly! Thank you children, it was fun seeing you enjoy yourselves during your performances. You spoke with pride, sang from the heart and danced like no one was watching! Thank you mums and dads for celebrating your child’s learning journey with us.

Such a busy week for our hardworking little worker ants as they were involved in every part of the assembly. They helped set-up our “stage” and put together our gallery. Our simple gallery showcased a representation of their life in Nursery. The children also made invites and hand delivered them to our special guests.

Year 1 Well-being Exhibition

On Wednesday we had a wonderful Year 1 exhibition. Following on from our assembly, the exhibition was a chance for the children to share the wellbeing practices they have learned over the last term. Amongst a variety of activities, the children were able to talk about the importance of healthy eating and make a share a sandwich, discuss their needs and wants, demonstrate different breathing techniques to promote a feeling of calm and play a ‘guess the feelings’ game. Parents were asked to complete the obstacle course but then they were rewarded with a lovely massage given by their child. The highlight of the exhibition for many parents was reading the notes the children had written to share things in their life they were thankful for.

Stella: I am thankful for the world because we all live on it. Harry: I am thankful for my birthday because I get to eat cake! Thomas: I am thankful for my cat because it keeps me company.

Thanks for all the parents who attended, there were some lovely moments which meant a lot to the children.

Reception Exhibition

Last Thursday, Reception children welcomed their parents into the EYFS environment for an afternoon of fun filled activities which gave them a hint of what their children do on a daily basis. The children greeted their parents before taking them around activities both inside and outside such as planting, potion creating and play dough making. There were plenty of extremely excited children who were able to explain each activity, whilst there were also lots of parents who got fully stuck into den building and construction using the wooden blocks. A huge thank you to all the Reception parents who came in last Thursday and spent some quality playing time with their children.

Year 3 Creating sustainable communities Exhibition

On Thursday 20 June, Year 3 held their final exhibition of the year entitled, ‘Creating sustainable communities.’ Using the lessons they learned from studying the situation in Boracay, children used the sustainability compass to evaluate the problems and reasons behind the closure and examined the effectiveness of the ‘new Boracay,’ that has since been unveiled. Given that there is speculation that a number of other communities in the Philippines may go through  a  similar rehabilitation process in the future, the children were given the performance task of re-developing a new sustainable island. Children worked in groups of three to work on their sustainable solutions in each of the four areas of the compass: environment, economy, well-being and society.

The children also had the opportunity to take part in a debate, either arguing for or against whether the closure of Boracay was effective or not. Finally, the exhibition concluded with an opportunity for the children to share some of  their recent writing pieces on balanced arguments. We reckon our Year 3s could argue themselves out of anything now!

The Year 3 team would like to say a huge thanks to all the parents for their participation and support, as well as the Operations staff who helped last Thursday.

Year 6 Debate

For the last term, Year 6 have been using their Theme and English lessons to look at world issues and issues within the Philippines and develop their persuasion skills; they analysed these issues, carried out research and then discussed solutions to these. After exploring the problem of food waste and writing letters to consumers, and retailers, as classes they chose a situation within the Philippines to research and debate.

Last Friday they carried out their debates with the three classes acting as committees as in the style of MUN. 6AD were looking at the issue of air pollution and debated solutions involving carpooling lanes and fines for those with  only  one person  in  their cars,   encouraging   the   use   of  electric   vehicles  including  electric   buses   and  the introduction of more cycle lanes. 6RS were looking at the issue of public healthcare. The clauses that were debated suggested solutions such as raising taxes to provide more money for healthcare and free healthcare for children and senior citizens. 6AC looked at the issue of traffic in Manila. One clause that passed suggested that all cars undergo annual testing in order to reduce the number of breakdowns on the road; other suggestions were to extend existing roads to meet demand and to add bus only lanes to increase the efficiency of public transport.

Year 12 students came in to act as Chairs in the debate and were excellent role models for the students. It was wonderful to have this collaboration between the year groups and is something Year 6 also do at other times throughout the year.

This unit of work tied in to our previous work on struggle and human rights. This synthesis of the learning throughout the year has proved very beneficial for the students and has enabled them to see connections and develop themselves as global citizens.

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