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Final Reminders

As we move towards the end of the school year, please be assured that learning in a range of different forms will continue for student’s right up until the last day of term.

Students in Years 7-10 and 12 will be receiving feedback on their end of year assessments over the next couple of weeks and will then have opportunities through learning activities in lessons to begin acting upon this. It is important that they use this post examination period to both reflect on performance and then use this information, while fresh in their minds, to inform how they approach any new work.

IGCSE examinations for Year 11 are now drawing to a close and we have a range of activities planned for the remaining part of term. At the end of this week our Year 11 students and new students who will be joining BSM in August, joined us for two IB Induction days. These days are designed to provide students with insights into the courses they will be studying in August and to share them with some background reading material for the upcoming holiday. There is a danger that students can take an ‘academic dip’ with their studies following a long holiday; we strongly encourage them to avoid this by completing the preparation work provided by the IB team. We also strongly encourage your children to read for leisure and enjoyment during the extended break.

Next week, during the penultimate week of term, our Year 11 students move from their IB Induction programme into a week of work experience. This experience will give them insights into the world of work and some of the potential career paths they may take when they complete their full time academic studies. It was good to see the students taking this opportunity seriously when I visited some of them at their placements earlier on today. Work experience can sometimes confirm a path students wish to take in the future, but also may open up new possibilities or reshape their career plans. Work experience can open up opportunities for longer internships throughout the extended break or during the break between Year 12 and Year 13, which can provide both useful experience, as well as supporting University applications. We would encourage Year 12 students to consider arranging internships, alongside the chance to visit Universities and Colleges over the next few weeks, or alternatively engaging in Summer School programmes.

If your children have been part of the peripatetic music programme this year, their learning will be celebrated at a Senior School recital on Tuesday 18 June. This year these recitals will take place in the new Bayanihan Auditorium. In addition  to this we have an MFL exhibition for Year 8 on Thursday 20 June, our final Drama Production of a Midsummer Night’s dream from Wednesday 19- Friday 21 June, our Year 12 IB Art Exhibition and Art Auction on Monday 24 June, and Shine Day celebrating an array of creative talent on Thursday 27 June. As is tradition, we end the year with a Whole School assembly at 11am on Friday 28 June, with school closing for the holiday at 12noon.

As always, another quiet end to the academic year for BSM! We look forward to seeing you at a range of these events over the next couple of weeks.

Next week is Week A.

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