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BSM Vision and Mission  


BSM PTA Guy Fawkes Night 

Our 2019 PTA Guy Fawkes Night was another of those wonderful occasions with a great night had by all who attended. BSM  community events are always special occasions, where we come together as a school and our collaborative spirit shines through. Our Support Staff are the epitome of this with their incredible team efforts in set up and take down. Without them we would have no event and we thank them first for their efforts. I choose to work on the bar for these occasions as I enjoy the many conversations that are had when serving with people across the school community, reconnecting with many people that I only occasionally see. I also end up serving many children who are often quite surprised to be ordering their soft drink from me! I missed the visual spectacle of the entertainment but could hear the music rising up from the Covered Court and the cheers and appreciative applause that greeted each performance. I also met many of our students who had had the opportunity to share their hip hop dancing skills and were excited to have been on the stage.

The fireworks  were as usual spectacular and there were many wows heard in the audience and many pictures created the day after in our classes. We must finish by saying a huge thank you once again to our amazing PTA for their hard work, creativity and organisation in putting on such a great event.

Year 5 Assembly

We must also thank Year 5 this week for their assembly where they entertained us all with their understanding of the well-being framework.  They began the assembly with explaining how learning the skill of juggling has helped them build resilience.  Whilst on this journey they reflected on how frustrating it was but also how lots of practice helped them to get better.  They found breaking down their target into steps helped them realise how much they were improving.

The next part of the assembly explored the learning the children have done about their core values and how they help you to make the right decisions.  Myself and Mr Van were interviewed as part of this section and were able to share some of our core values.

Regulate Richard was an interesting character! It became apparent that he was not able to control his behaviour and concentrate at school because he did not have his priorities well balanced.  The children shared their learning about strategies they have to help them regulate when things get tough.

The final part of the assembly focused on an active and balanced lifestyle.  I don’t think I’ll think about synchronised swimming in the same way ever again!  The children were able to describe all the different ways they try to balance their lives.

Thank you all of our Year 5 team.

East Asian Regional Conference of Schools

I spent the long weekend at the EARCOS conference in Kota Kinabalu. This was three days of sessions run by educators on current practice. It was good to meet fellow school heads and network within the region and beyond. For me though, most of what I heard was an affirmation of what we are currently doing at BSM, which was a very positive message to return with.


We welcome the newest member to the BSM community Emily Frances Pearson, born on the morning of 6 November. Mother (Mrs Katie Pearson), daughter and dad (Mr George Pearson) are all doing well.

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