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Collaborative Efforts

Following another busy and bustling BSM week our whole school assembly on Friday showcased, and reflected on, the tremendous successes in the vast array of activities BSM constantly and successfully places on offer.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing students the opportunities for their personal gifts to flourish, whatever they may be. We want our spaces to provide an inspiring atmosphere where our children are challenged to grow academically, physically, creatively, and on a personal level.

It is clear that the talents of our students is staggering, but without the many platforms afforded by our curriculum and co-curricular offerings we may never identify and maximise the potential of our world-class learners, sports men and women and of course visual and performance artists.

Underpinning the activities directed towards the avenues for personal growth and development, is a large planning and support structure driven by dedicated professionals that constitute the BSM team. In my short time at BSM I have been impressed by the huge efforts made to provide for the various elements that constitute our very broad offering and the lengths our teams go to, to manage the various complex programmes. On top of all that, we succeed. We stand up to the best in the world and can be rightly proud of our incredible individual, group and community-wide efforts.

My assembly message highlights the combination of all the elements that constitute our community, the sum of many components which create the bespoke and nuanced environment which is BSM. But, each element cannot be considered in isolation and it is only by looking at the sum of the parts that the true whole can be seen and experienced and for the overall achievements to be truly appreciated.

Thank you to all our committed staff for their efforts in helping our students work towards achieving their full potential. Thank you to our parents for their support for our endeavours. Thank you to our students who make us all very proud and this all very much worth it.

On a business note:

Following the official release of the Philippine Holidays for 2020 and Governors’ approval on Monday 18 November, we have now published our Term Dates for School Year 2020-2021 in the calendar section of the Family Handbook.

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