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EXIT 9 / IB Art Graduate Exhibition

The Arts is vastly different to many other subjects; it has limitless boundaries in which individual ideas are pursued with passion, and it is this passion and drive that equates to success. The Arts are an endurance race, not a sprint.

Over the last two years, IB Art has tested the stamina and resilience of my 2020 graduate class; they have needed to keep going when ideas were vague or media experiments just weren’t working. Despite the unrelenting nature of this subject, these amazing students kept moving forwards. I am so proud of them, and the creative journey they have undertaken.

Unlike in previous years, these nine students were not able to celebrate their successes in the traditional manner, due to the Manila lockdown just days before their exhibition opening would have occurred.

In lieu of this a website has been created, allowing the BSM community to view the incredible artwork and accompanying explanations. Please click on the link below to see the outstanding work of:

  • Sophia Almendral
  • Arianna Borromeo
  • Tristan Caballero
  • Kristina Estrada
  • George Leather
  • Atasha Muhlach
  • Gabby Uy
  • Ciara Uysipuo
  • Keeva Whyte

Exit 9 Exhibition:

Gabby Uy
Keeva Whyte
Arianna Borromeo

My thanks to Gigi Adamantopoulos for her work on this website.

Adele Turner
Head of Senior Art

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