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Class of 2020, story so far… University offers

Ten percent of the cohort have now received university offers. These include Edinburgh, Warwick and Exeter. UK applicants for Oxbridge and Medicine have also now been sent. This week we are focusing on Early Decision/Early Action applications to the United States. Around a quarter of the students will be applying at this time. We are also busy with some of last years’ Australian applications and working on some for Hong Kong and Scandinavia. Finally, most applications to Philippines schools have also been sent.

A few families have enquired about the possible impact of Brexit – both now and in the future. We have kept in close touch with European universities about this and we don’t perceive a huge change in the market. Due to reduced applications from EU member states – UK schools may look to appeal to the Asian market even more. This would suggest favourable conditions for our students moving forward. The visa process changed a few years ago for non EU passport holders and will simply encompass European passport holders.

What does all this mean for British passport holders?  It is probably going to be good news. A shrinking field of applicants may make grade expectations a little softer for a few years. Also, as private companies, each university would be very brave to increase fees to compensate for a loss of European students. The rule that passport holders need to be resident for three years prior to application will remain but we expect it to be applied, as it is now, only occasionally by individual schools.

There will be reductions in the amount of funding for postgraduate research, as much of the finance for this has previously come from the European Union. This is a long way off for our current students and the picture may well have changed significantly in five years time.

In summary, we are quietly optimistic that if Brexit occurs, the future of the UK market will not change significantly and may well serve our students quite well in the short and medium term. Further to this, Quennie Yang is heading to Bilbao next month for the big European university conference – she will feedback to you in later issues.

Please join me in wishing our applicants the best of luck,

Mark Attwood 


The SAT is a selection of optional external tests that many colleges in the USA require for admission consideration. Please speak with us about the suitability of this exam set before you sign up.

Registration deadline for 7 December test is on 8 November.  Please remember to register as early as possible as the BSM testing centre fills up quickly.

Do not forget to register for SATs at

Remember to be early, by 7.30am, for the SAT.  Remember to bring the following materials when you test:

  •          Admission ticket which you print from your SAT registration console
  •         Your school ID, which will be used to properly identify you as the test taker
  •          Two number 2 pencils
  •          Calculator and/or backup calculator.
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