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Primary Coding Day Year 3

“use technology to enhance learning” BSM Vision and Mission  Coding or computer programming is writing a set of instructions that a computer understands so it will perform a task. Learning

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Year 4 Assembly

We aim for our students to flourish through:  ∙ being confident in expressing… – BSM Vision and Mission   Year 4 Assembly First, we must thank our Year 4 students for their

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Eventful week

“foster a friendly family atmosphere that nurtures a community feeling” – BSM Vision and Mission     BSM PTA Guy Fawkes Night  Our 2019 PTA Guy Fawkes Night was another of

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Year 5 Art Work

This week’s Lion’s Roar features still life artworks created by Year 5. Year 5 students have been learning about famous still life artists such as Paul Cezanne and Vincent van

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Reading Parent Workshop

“BSM aims to be: be a learning community where all members have a desire to be life-long learners and strive for excellence” – BSM Vision and Mission On Wednesday the

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Well-being Week

“We aim for our students to flourish through: being happy, healthy and manage their own well-being” BSM Mission and Vision   This week has been Well-being Week at BSM and

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