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University Visits, Summer Program and SAT

7 May 12:40 PM – 1:20 NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE.  With 24 different undergraduate majors across three schools, NYU Abu Dhabi is able to provide a broad range of subjects for its 1400 students. Although a small school located in the UAE, students at NYU Abu Dhabi are able to access the vast network that is New York University system. Students are continually encouraged to use the NYU global network that allows them to study abroad, do internships, as well as access classes that would help them explore other areas of interest that may develop into minors.

8 May 12:40 PM – 1:20 PM Kyoto University of Advanced Studies, Japan.  KUAS features a unique engineering programme that is informed by the manufacturing industry. With its team of international recognised, distinguished, and active professional engineers, the programme is able to ensure that students will be able to focus on the technology that is currently shaping the world.

These talks will be held in the Humanities 6, El Nido Building.

Summer Programmes

It’s that time of the year again when universities and colleges around the world advertise summer programmes for students. Although we highly encourage our students to explore and dive into their passions through these programmes, these programmes are for enrichment only and don’t affect college applications.

Immerse Education 2019:  Immerse academic programmes take place at inspiring locations across the UK, including colleges of Cambridge University, and are designed and taught by tutors from world leading universities. Participants attend from all around the world, and are exposed to carefully designed curricula aimed to stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity as well as challenge their expectations of their own ability. Immerse alumni have proceeded to enrol at world leading universities, to found innovative organisations, and to become leaders in their respective fields. Students are able to choose from over thirty subject options, including Computer Science, Economics, Medicine, Law and Engineering.

For further information visit:


The SAT is a selection of optional external tests that many colleges in the USA require for admission consideration. Please speak with us about the suitability of this exam set before you sign up.

Registration deadline for 1 June SAT Test is on 3 May.  Please remember to register as early as possible as the BSM
testing centre fills up quickly.

Registration can be done at

On the day of the SAT: be early, by 7:30 am, for the SAT and bring:

Admission ticker which you print from your SAT registration console

Your school ID, which will be used to properly identify you as the test taker.

Two number 2 pencils

BSM Higher Education Website  to access to information about the HE process at BSM

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