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This term the focus of the College Counsellors work shifts to Year 12 and in the next few weeks we will be working with our Year 12 families to launch the application process for the Class of 2021. We began with a formal meeting for parents and students on Friday 21 January to provide an overview of the process and deal with any immediate questions and concerns, and now we are conducting individual interviews with students to discuss in detail their own plans and ambitions. Parents are of course invited to attend these interviews. 

Applying to university can look like a daunting prospect for many 16 and 17 year olds and so at this stage of the process we want to simply inform students about practicalities such as how they apply and the deadlines they will have to meet as well as providing an introduction to different parts of the world they may wish to think about as a possible option. Above all we want to reassure students and families about the manageability of the whole process – we will break down what they need to do into a series of easy steps and be there to provide support at every stage.

The successes of the current Year 13 should act as an inspiration for our Year 12 students. Our current graduating cohort have already gained acceptance into some of the most competitive universities in the world, including Yale, Princeton and Stanford in the US and all students who have applied to the UK have already received a number of offers, including some of the best UK universities such as Edinburgh, Kings, UCL and Durham. 

With Year 13, US, UK, Japanese and Philippine applications are now largely complete. We now move on to deal with Canadian, Asian and Australian applications but these are much more straightforward than those to the UK and the US. 

One of the things that we will be emphasising with our Year 12 students is the need for them to research their university options. One easy way to do this is to come to listen to the wide range of university representatives we invite into school every year. Last term we hosted a wide range of visitors from all of the most popular university destinations and we will continue with regular visits this term and next. Students need to understand that listening to and talking to a particular university representative does not just inform them about that particular university but also about what it is like to study in that part of the world – for example, getting to know something about Melbourne University can tell them things about Australian universities in general. It is also an excellent way to get to know about universities they may have never heard of but might offer them an alternative option. Contact with university representatives is particularly important with US universities because of the way the admission process works in the US – your regional representative can answer questions, provide advice and generally make the process easier and more straightforward. 

University Visits

Future visitors include Temple University Japan campus on 6 February and Indiana and DePaul Universities from the US on 11 February. 

All visits will be hosted in Humanities 6 and take place between 12.40 and 1.20pm during lunchtime.

Summer Programmes

Summer programmes can be an excellent way to familiarise yourself with specialised university options and explore living on campus. Students who are considering a summer programme at an international university later this year need to be aware that most popular programmes will have a deadline as early as March. Please consult your counsellors about options and application procedures. 

SAT 2020

The SAT is a selection of optional external tests that many colleges in the USA require for admission consideration. Please speak with us about the suitability of this exam set before you sign up.

Registration deadline for the test on 14 March is 14 February.  Please remember to register as early as possible as the BSM testing centre fills up quickly.

Do not forget to register for SATs at

Remember to be early, by 7:30 am, for the SAT.  Remember to bring the following materials when you test:

  • Admission ticket which you print from your SAT registration console
  • Your school ID, which will be used to properly identify you as the test taker
  • Two number 2 pencils
  • Calculator and/or backup calculator


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