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University application submission

As the term draws to a close, so does the Philippine, North American, Japanese and UK university application seasons. We have now completed everything we, as a school, have to do in support of application submissions. A few students will be fine tuning some of their application essays during the break, but the work of the College Counselling office is now complete for those countries. 

We have begun to hear about the very early applications to the USA and we already know the outcomes for most UK applicants.  At the time of writing the Class of 2020 had received 60 university offers. This includes Edinburgh, Lancaster, Kings, UCL, Durham, Bristol, SOAS, Bath, Warwick, Sussex, Exeter, Stanford and Dentistry in the Philippines.

This year, like every year, will be a stellar year for our matriculation. This is not by accident, luck or divinity. We succeed due to our highly skilled team and relationships with college admissions teams. That said, the thing that has the most impact on the production of successful application packages is the one-to-one work we do with students. There is a reason we have two full time College Counsellors for a cohort of 65 students.

Hearing about the success of Year 13 will probably be a catalyst amongst families about their children’s applications in future years. I often get asked, “what should they be doing now?”.  These questions are only really pertinent in the later years. Our advice is always the same; be the best version of themselves, do their best in school, be brave and challenge themselves. In terms of activities the key gauge is ‘impact’. Colleges want to know how prospective students changed and developed things, what legacy will they leave. So they should pick one or two interests and really get involved for a number of years.  This is far more powerful than a low impact but long lists of activities.

Many universities in the US still require some external testing as well.  We host the SAT on behalf of the College Board. If you are thinking of sending your child to the US schools that require testing, contact one of the team when your son/daughter is coming towards the end of Year 11 and we can help plan a timetable for the completion of the tests.  

What do the College Counsellors do now we have finished? We finish off remaining Canadian, Asian and Australian applications. Then in the second week back, we are welcoming our Year 12 families to join us for the launch of the application process for the Class of 2021…

I look forward to celebrating the admissions outcomes in the new year. 

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Mark Attwood
Head of Higher Education
Head of Year 13
Deputy IB Coordinator

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