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BSM Spring Gymnastics Meet, 7 March 2020

Less than two months ago life at BSM was as busy as ever, so were our gymnasts who were preparing once again for another competition, this time our home meet. For the past five years the BSM Spring Gymnastics Meet has been growing from strength to strength and we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate it could take place just before our lives all changed a few days later.

The Spring Gymnastics Meet is a friendly meet for the beginner/recreational levels of gymnastics and is considered highly around Metro Manila and beyond.  School and Club managers are grateful for good facilities and equipment, a welcoming atmosphere and cool aircon! Another reason we stand out amongst other gymnastic competitions in the area is that we acknowledge gymnasts who haven’t competed before.  Placing these ‘Novice’ gymnasts in their own category (Level 1 only) enables gymnasts to approach a nerve-racking competition with the knowledge that they are only competing against other first-timers. As we welcomed over 320 gymnasts from 16 local schools and clubs around the area, this year we had around 30 Novice Level 1 gymnasts.

Each of the four sessions included a warm up, march in (a parade of the gymnasts), the competition itself and finally the awarding of medals and trophies.  Our first session welcomed the MAG (Men’s Artistic Gymnastics) boys to the competition in Levels 1 and 2. While not many male gymnasts compete in Manila, BSM and ISM have a comparatively healthy number of gymnasts and the boys enjoyed flexing their muscles whilst demonstrating sensational core strength and agility. The boys competed on six apparatus including: Floor, Pommel horse, High bar, High rings, Vault and Parallel bars and they were amazing.

After a quick dismantle and rearrangement of equipment, session 2 was ready to go. WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnasts) Level 1 were next and with it came the jump from 10 to 145 gymnasts.  Very quickly, the atmosphere went from calm and collected to bubbly, busy and like the leotards, rather sparkly! We had around 30 ‘Novice’ gymnasts, wide-eyed and full of concentration, determined to do their best despite the nerves.

Our WAG gymnasts compete on Floor, Vault, Asymmetric bars and Beam and as we progressed through the next sessions (Levels 2 and 3) it was fun to see skill mastery and polished performances. Strength and grace are needed across the apparatus, but so is grit and resilience. A gymnasts’ performance in training can differ under the pressure of a competition.  I am proud to say that at BSM, our own Coaches offer exceptional preparation and support for when our gymnasts face disappointment in a competition. It’s a steady approach of “Breathe, take a moment, you’re ok and you can get back up and do this”. It would be false to say that this happens everywhere, but we know that at BSM our gymnasts have grown in: resilience, to see beyond their scores; respect, as they listen to their Coaches and look out for each other; and gratitude, as they know that they are a part of a special team.

We’re proud of all of our gymnasts during the Meet, many with their own personal highlights.  Well done to the Level 3 WAG team who came 3rd place, which helped the whole BSM team to place 3rd place overall!  A reward for what has now been the final competition of the year, is something to cherish.

The Spring Gymnastics Meet is a pure team effort.  The incredible capacity of our Coaches taking on additional roles before and during the event, along with around 50 parents and gymnasts volunteering throughout the day to assist the judges with scoring, Mr Keens with awarding or preparing our gymnasts’ hair for their competitions, ensured the day ran incredibly smoothly and on schedule. We were delighted to welcome back Coach Doods as Technical Director who left BSM a year ago to work in Hong Kong and we are grateful for all the countless hours of preparation and set up that the BSM Operations and Marketing team did before the event. Thank you for making this years’ Spring Gymnastics Meet possible.

Jude Prasad-Smith
PE Teacher and Gymnastics Coordinator

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