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BSM GOLF 2019/20 – So Par, So Good!

It has always struck me as something of a mystery…How can striking a small static ball with a large metal stick be so incredibly difficult?

For anyone that has played golf, you know the feeling of driving a ball 200 yards is incredible! The wave of adrenaline, the feeling of happiness comes over you like a shockwave, a beaming smile takes over your face as you skip along the fairway to your next shot. This one is a seemingly more simple 50 yard approach and what happens? Yep, you shank it and it lands in the bunker. 

Golf can be exciting, but it can also be incredibly humbling. The key to mastery, as in all sports, is of ‘course’ (no pun intended!) access and structured practice. This will then produce the consistency required to lower your handicap and improve your game. 

The BSM Golf team was set up several years ago and it’s growth owes much to the enthusiasm of a group of parents, ably led by Nikki Ng. Nikki and other parents in our golf community work with the school to ensure together, we can provide opportunities for our young golfers to meet and represent BSM whilst improving their skills and learning the important value of humility. 

In our recent assembly we celebrated our Golf team’s success in winning the 2019 Interschool Championships; a huge achievement in a competition involving over 40 schools. A terrific display of team work and consistency from over twenty-one BSM golfers.

For many of our golfers the hard work continues in April with FOBISIA Golf in Malaysia, a huge opportunity to put their skills to the test against the best players in the region and learn many positive lessons along the way.

I look forward to hearing of further successes ‘fore’ (sorry!) our golfers and good luck in advance to those travelling to Malaysia in April.

To see a full list of the BSM Golf Team please click here.

Lewis Keens

Lewis Keens
Director of Sport and Activities

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