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“Foster a friendly family atmosphere that nurtures partnerships for learning and a sense of community.”— BSM Vision and Mission

As we said in our first primary assembly this morning “Mabuhay” and a huge welcome to the BSM learning community to any new families who have just joined the British School Manila and huge welcome back to existing families. We also extend a huge welcome to our new primary teachers whose photos you can see below. Mabuhay to them as well, and let’s extend the meaning of that to not just welcome but to live great!

Schools come to life when the students walk through the door. We’ve had a very productive training week with our teachers prior to school starting and I had commented to new teachers who were impressed with our facilities that they had not seen the best bit of our school yet. This of course is our students and it was wonderful to see all of them return again on Monday. It was also great to see so many families at the Curriculum Evenings on Tuesday and Thursday. As the extract from our vision and mission states, we value our family atmosphere and the sense of community that we foster. We want to make that a learning community and your attendance at events like this supports our goal so that you have an understanding of our pedagogical aims as a school.

The Curriculum Evenings began with an opportunity to informally meet your child’s teachers and PLAs and LSAs and to meet our specialist teachers for Art, Music, Mandarin and PE. We then moved to our wonderful new Bayanihan auditorium for a talk on one of our main drivers for this year, well-being.

Well-being is the foundation to enable our children to flourish and in subsequent newsletters I will unpack this further, reinforcing key points made in my talk.

Autobiographical Approach

A key part of well-being is the self-acceptance strand and we will revisit the autobiographical approach once again this year. This will involve each child telling their own personal narrative, the school respecting diversity and understanding the cultures of all of its students. However, students this year will also be asked to reflect on their own stories from a well-being perspective using some of the statements in our Well-Being framework. This enables them to become familiar with the framework and begin their journey in thinking about how they can engage with the content and ultimately flourish.

Primary Assembly

Communities are like families where people look after each other, and our first Primary assembly gave a hearty Pinoy welcome to our BSM family this morning. I then introduced strands of our Well-Being Framework and used it to frame what I did over the summer, modelling the Autobiographical Approach I have outlined above. We also revisited the concept of bucket filling. Doing a good deed for someone else without expecting anything in return. We finished with all the Primary teachers singing the classic Beatles song – “With a little help from my friends”, celebrating the message that as part of the BSM family you always have people around to support you.

End of the day Dismissal

School dismissal has gone well in Primary and should ease further when ASAs start, however I do have a reminder I would like to stress at this point.

For all pick-ups can I ask that you please arrive on time so that children are not left waiting behind. Pick up for Key Stage 1 children is at 2.20pm from classrooms and for Key Stage 2 at 2.30pm. Key Stage 2 pick-up is from the covered court. If you have children in both key stages please collect the younger sibling first and then wait in the primary cafeteria where your Key Stage 2 child will find you.

Children being picked up by a driver should wait on Level 2 and need to be vigilant in looking out for their car and to proceed directly to the vehicle as soon it arrives at the top of the ramp area. Any children hanging around in this area are holding up the flow of traffic. I thank you in advance for your co-operation with this.

All children that have been dismissed to a parent or yaya should then go immediately home. There are quite a few children around on campus playing on playground equipment after school. This is not permitted and these areas are out of bounds after the school bell has gone. Can I ask parents to please follow this rule and to pass the message on to yayas if they are collecting children.

Thursday Start

Please note that on a Thursday school opens at 7.45am with the bell going for the start of class at 8.10am. For EYFS (Reception and Nursery) soft start begins at 8.10am.

I look forward to seeing all of your children again on Tuesday and am once again excited by the opportunities that lie ahead this year. Have a great long weekend.

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