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Being grateful

The penultimate week of the first half term has been one of our busiest yet! Our MFL department have celebrated languages all week with activities including pancakes on Monday, a spring roll frenzie on Wednesday and tapas on Friday. The lovely Year 9 taught the Year 5 French, while the Year 13 ventured into Year 1 to teach Mandarin! Our Year 7 finished their fitness testing and the Year 8 explored the digestive system in Science. Year 10 and 11 are preparing for their crossfit challenge next week and the Year 12 looked at the influence of cultural behaviour in Psychology.

I think it is true to say that students, staff and I suspect parents are getting tired and the half term break will be truly welcomed. I am reminded, as a parent, every evening when lunch boxes have been forgotten, the swim kit is nowhere to be seen and home learning tasks are crumpled at the bottom of bags of how tired I am and how my patience is thin. It’s in those moments when I have to step back and savour the good… or be in fear of being enveloped by a wave of negativity. So, I stand with all you parents and staff out there who have given as much as you can and ask you (me) to dig a little deeper for one more week. It is on this note that I want to spend some time (the time it takes me to write this) to be thankful for all I have, to think about the positive in my life and intentionally savour these good moments.

I encourage you to join me and internally say thank you to:

  1. The five people who have made you laugh this week
  2. The four places that mean the world to you
  3. The three moments this week when you have enjoyed someone’s company
  4. The two times you have had a minute to yourself to sit and have a cup of tea
  5. The one time you have taken time to be kind to yourself

Alice Herz-Sommer was one of the last death camp survivors in World War II and she beautifully said “I know the bad is there but I turn and see the good, beauty is everywhere, everywhere”. And with this so graciously articulated by this amazing woman, I say we have much to be grateful for. When those who have lost loved ones were asked what they missed, it was never ‘their car’ or ‘their phone’ or ‘their money’ but instead it was always the small things, the way they kicked their shoes off and left mud on the carpet, the times they would shout up the stairs that dinner is ready, their smile, their hair, their laugh, their wicked sense of humour. So, in our busy lives, when things are fraught and our tempers are frayed, step back and look to the good because beauty is everywhere, everywhere!

Have a wonderful weekend with your family. Perhaps I’ll see some of you enjoying watching your children at football too – we can enjoy those moments together!

Next week is Week B.

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