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Dear BSM Senior Families,

I hope you have had a positive and productive week! 

Despite the expected extension to the ECQ I’m sure it has taken a little more energy to get through the first few days of this week. We seem to live in small chunks of time at the moment and at times this can feel unsettling to us as families.

However, BSM has risen to the challenge and we are in week two of our bespoke Year 11 and 13 programmes of study. I shared the content last week; it is wide and varied on it’s offering. We have had excellent attendance to these lessons and the students are enjoying the opportunity to delve deeper into subjects they have a passion for. We are halfway through the programme and will aim to share the feedback from these courses in the coming weeks. 

I have also had some great conversations with students this week and I would like to share some with you. The Winston team have collaborated with other international schools in the region to draw on lockdown experiences with a view to creating a coffee table book of reflections. What an inspiration they are; beacons of light and positivity. Their own struggles have been put to good use and instead of dwelling on the impossibles, they have focused on what can be done. Another group of students are conducting dryland swim practice for the students to participate in, another group dropping in to support the Counselling Team to deliver Psychological First Aid (PFA), our Global Awareness Heads have created information that can be used to answer questions from the school body, our Head students have been bombarding the Head and myself with questions that will support peers through this time and another set of students are dedicating their free time to helping others in the community who are less fortunate. The list goes on and on…

What is getting these students through this time? On my quest for happiness and resilience I came across this video by Lucy Hone. She shares her story and then offers three tips on being resilient:

  1. Accept that life happens (and it does, look at our situation right now, who’d have predicted)
  2. Look to the good (and we can, there are so many good things coming from this situation)
  3. Ask the question ‘is this helping or harming me?’ (what a great question when we are wading through the masses of media articles/videos at this time)

I wonder if our students are living by these three guiding principles. They sure seem to be rising against the odds and finding the good in this. I do recognise that some children are not coping at this time and the crisis we find ourselves in has been a tough one to cope with. I would advocate that their feelings are normal and justified too. We can all vouch for the fact our own journey through this has been a rollercoaster of emotions and we have fully developed brains! These little ones (yes, our Year 12 and 13s sit in this category!) are still transitioning through brain development and it will go on until around age 25. Functioning and navigating through this time will be challenging for sure. Make sure you validate their feelings, spend time exploring what can be done to move them from a 3 to a 4 on the happiness scale.

Remember, we are all in this together, BSM is truly amazing!

Stay safe, stay in and stay sane x

Rebekah Russell
Head of Senior School

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