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Autobiographical Approach and Well-being

We aim for our students to flourish through:

being happy, healthy and managing their own well-being.
BSM Vision and Mission

Part of our well-being framework is the idea of self acceptance. One of the ways the children at BSM are working to address this is putting together their story with prompts from each of the well being strands. In this way they are becoming familiar with the framework and giving themselves a starting point to reflect on in terms of where they are at with each of the areas. This can then be revisited throughout the year. Here is what Year 5 have been doing.

Auto-biographical writing in Year 5

We have approached our auto-biographical project slightly differently this year, with the emphasis being on our well-being. In the first few weeks of the new school year, Year 5 have explored the well-being framework by thinking about what each strand area means to us. The children have reflected on questions to probe their understanding and discussed stories with key themes. Once they had a firm grasp of what it all meant to them, the children wrote a personal reflection about each strand area, using key questions to frame their thinking. These auto-biographical reflections will feed into the final presentation that they will prepare for later this term. The Year 5 teachers are already delighted to hear daily anecdotes from the children linking things they have done with well-being. We are on our way to building confident, happy and positive learners!

Here are some examples of student thoughts on each area:

 A sense of belonging – I show empathy for caring, loving and doing what is right for other people. In my old school I did not really trust anyone because I believe that trust is built by long term friendships.

 Self-acceptance – When I think about who I am I think about where I come from and the history of my family.

 An active and balanced lifestyle – Honestly, I don’t connect with nature much. Thinking about it, I’ve only connected with nature a handful of times when I visited parks in England. I connect with nature when I go surfing and camping. I connect with nature as I have a lot of beautiful plants in my home .

 An ability to self-regulate – When I am feeling frustrated I listen to calm music. From the past, I have learnt to self-regulate because one time I got injured in football and I got really mad, but I never gave up. I talked to my coach about what I should do better in training and matches.

 A capacity for growth and resilience – When I first tried I couldn’t even juggle two balls, but I kept trying and now I can juggle three balls for about five seconds straight! From doing that, I have learnt that practice really does make progress.

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