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ASA Feedback Form

Back in December we sent out an ASA Feedback Form on how we could improve the SchoolsBuddy experience. Thank you to all those who took the time to give feedback and help us identify areas that needed improving.

I hope that as the school year has progressed, SchoolsBuddy is becoming more familiar and easier to use. Thanks to your feedback we implemented changes such as:

  • Removal of Season 1 and Season 2 containers to easily identify which containers to sign up for during Season 3. 
  • For Gymnastics, there was an option to choose a group of training days rather than signing up for each day with the cost already applied in the sign up. 
  • The online payment option is now up and running and we hope that you’ve enjoyed the convenience of this new addition. 
  • For those involved in Sports, we listened to your feedback regarding the consent form and have adopted a hybrid of SchoolsBuddy and google sheets for fixture details and squads announcements.
  • For those who felt that their FAM inbox was being bombarded by SchoolsBuddy messages, feel free to follow this link to set up a “SchoolsBuddy” filter so the messages don’t clog up your inbox and you can check at your convenience. This way, you can just head over to SchoolsBuddy to check for any new messages.

We are currently working on improving:

  • Getting the diary for each ASA up to date. With how busy we are as a school, this has been our biggest challenge, but I hope that by the end of this school year you will start to trust what is being displayed in your diary. 
  • SchoolsBuddy are working on Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities which should be available soon. This will eliminate the need to remember more than one password – Your FAM Account, iSAMS login and SchoolsBuddy account will have the same login details.

We will look to send out another ASA feedback form at the end of Term 2 and as always any feedback positive or constructive is always welcomed.

Melissa Jacob

ASA Coordinator
Facilities Coordinator

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