Head of School

Adaptable and Resilient Community

Dear BSM Family,

Greetings from my new temporary office at home. It has taken a bit of getting used to but we are all adapting in our own way with managing essential work tasks. Our BSM teachers have been imaginative, inspiring and above all professional. Thank you to our superb practitioners! 

Our students are doing tremendously well in signing in to class and switching on to their new learning environments. Sign-in attendance records for Senior School students indicate 92%+ sign-in. The survey conducted earlier this week with senior students on their distance learning experiences reflects an overwhelmingly positive mindset. The feedback has also provided valuable input for teachers to tweak their approaches where necessary and also to identify areas to support well-being.

The challenge we all face is being cut off from our regular professional and personal interactions. Skype, Zoom and other platforms have been welcome windows for engagement and interaction. 

Please do access our COVID-19 info portal which will be kept up-to-date with useful information for our community. 

With regards to international examinations and the UK’s decision to cancel exams in England & Wales, this is a developing situation, but rest assured we will provide clarity about its impact on our school when we know more from the International Baccalaureate Organisation and Cambridge Assessment International Education. 

We are planning an additional community news-space and would love to hear from all members of our BSM family. Please share your stories with our marketing team so that we can tell our BSM community story in this coronavirus situation. For example – How do parents support students at home? What do you find most challenging? What positives have you experienced? What tips can you offer? What works? What doesn’t? What well-being and exercise tips can you recommend? 

We would like to create a storytelling platform around this for social media. Our BSM community is adaptable and resilient and we should share and showcase this, as much as record these times for posterity as we continue to flourish. 

Please send any stories you wish to share, with text, pictures and videos to: communications@britishschoolmanila.org.

Hang in there BSM!



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