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A Great Experience …The Nutcracker

Congratulations to the following Ballet Students who have auditioned and accepted to be part of Philippine Ballet Theatre’s The Nutcracker which will be shown at the Cultural Center of the
Philippines on 23 November at 3pm and 8pm and on 24 November at 3pm.

Moet Gourlay, Ameelia Iqbal, Clementine Lezoraine, and Elin Nimstad

These girls brighten up every time they come from rehearsal and speak of their experience being part of this pre-eminent ballet company of the Philippines. Meeting new friends and being able to dance with the professionals make their experience more exciting.  Even the parents who have
given their time and effort to bring them to rehearsals at 6pm to 9pm through the horrendous
traffic are just full of excitement and joy!

Comments from the students:

Elin Nimstad:

The audition went so much easier this year compared to last year. Then I was more nervous and scared. This year I knew the routines and dances so I felt more confident. To be part of this
production is like being part of a great, big community of people liking the same things. I feel proud to be part of it and am really excited to perform next weekend. Besides that, I get to wear really cool costumes and make-up!

Moet Gourlay:

I am so proud of myself being able to perform in the Nutcracker.  It is the best of the best! 

Clementine Lezoraine:

It is a dream come true to be a real ballerina! 

Ameelia Iqbal:

I love to be a part of The Nutcracker.  It is so much fun.  I enjoy seeing all ballerinas perform and I want to be a great ballerina one day.

And from the Parents too:

Charlotta Mide:

Elin started talking about ballet when was four but she didn’t start dancing until two years ago. She loves every moment of it! For her to actually get a glimpse of what a future as a ballerina might look like at this early age is a privilege. And I am not just talking about the positive parts of being in an ensemble, getting to do what she loves, but the late evenings, the hours in traffic and the long waiting back stage for a really short time on stage. I love the fact that here we can support her in this, give her the opportunity to get some experience of being on stage, in a production and grow. I will gladly be a stage mum if this brings her joy and determination to grow as a dancer in the future!

Marie-Anne Lezoraine:

It is a great opportunity to experience being part of a professional show!

Hooray for the future Dance Artists!

Please come and watch them perform.  For tickets, please call (02)8632 8848. 50% off for students!!


Malen Claraval

Ballet Directress


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