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Message from the Head of School

Dear BSM Family, I hope and trust that you are all well! Time and again over the past few weeks I return to our BSM Vision and Mission as a touchstone, the bedrock which underpins what we do. “Resilience in adversity” as an aim for our students through which to flourish, is a constant reminder that they are indeed resilient.  If we had advised our children, or anyone for that matter, that they would be kept at home for months on end, which this pandemic has done to us, they would have baulked at the thought and probably would not have thought that they could manage it. However, not only have our students managed the huge curveball which has been thrown at them, they have managed it with determination and grit. I have absolutely no doubt that many

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Visual and Performing Arts

A Message from a BEI Scholar

Welcome back and I hope you have all had a great first week – weather accepted. As you can imagine a number of things have gone on over the summer and one of these was receiving a letter from a BEI (BSM) Scholar. We are running this scholarship programme to support local Taguig High School

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BSM Community and Autobiographical Approach

Welcome back “Foster a friendly family atmosphere that nurtures partnerships for learning and a sense of community” – BSM Vision and Mission BSM Community and Autobiographical Approach Mabuhay and a huge welcome to the BSM learning community to any new families who have just joined the British School Manila and huge welcome back to existing

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New Members of Staff

Welcome to the start of the 2018-2019 academic year at BSM and the first edition of the Lion’s Roar for the new school year. It has been good to meet returning families this week and to welcome new members to our community. We also have enjoyed welcoming our Year 7 students and families as they

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PE, Sport & ASA News

Service Learning

Service Learning is based on a collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with a range of NGOs helping to tackle important local issues.


Service Learning Update: 26 June 2020

Kythe Foundation ASA – Survivor Fundraiser By Ethan Cua, 12NBR “Kythe BSM would like to thank all of the volunteers and participants who supported our first Zoom fundraiser ‘Survivor’. With your overwhelming help and support, Kythe BSM has managed to raise over Php 10,000. All proceeds will be used to provide further assistance to ensure

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Service Learning Update: 29 May 2020

Share your Covid-19 Stories We are extremely proud of everyone from the BSM community, who have been stepping up to help others at this time, particularly our students. Staff and parents have also been doing their bit. Please get in touch and let us know how you are helping. Here is just one of the

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