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What matters most?

We have had a fun filled five day week! From exploring WWII to refining Bayanihan projects to meeting with Special Olympians, our children have had a truly enriching week.

This week saw World Children’s Day, promoted by UNICEF and fronted by the wonderful role model David Beckham. His speech at the UN was one of gratitude and hope, extending this hope to the wider world and calling for all children to be included and cared for. What a wonderful, powerful and emotive message but equally what a sad state we are in when some do not care about their or others children. 

Reflecting on my time as a child and the experiences I had growing up, one thing was sure, come rain or shine, I was loved. I was safe. I was protected. I have never known what it is like to be unloved, unwanted or unsafe. How fortunate I am and how grateful I am of this everyday. However, we know that there is always the flip side, in this case one of hopelessness and sadly one that is experienced by millions of children around the world. Sixty years ago, the Declaration of the Rights of the Child set a key universal value for the first time, stating unequivocally that “mankind owes to the child the best it has to give”. How wonderful that we recognise this as a right of all children but how dreadfully sad we need it!

When I walk around BSM chatting with the tiny ones right up through to our Year 13 (that are now taller than me!), I am reminded of my/our duty of care to each one of them. Not just as teachers but as role models, parents and trusted adults. Our children have so much, their lives are surrounded by much of the best, be it the best phone, car, house, holiday etc. They rarely want for much. May I add here that this is a choice we make, certainly for us as a family, we want our kids to have more than we did, a better life experience, a better school, better exposure to diversity, the list goes on. However, parents let’s not lose sight of the things that really count: unconditional love, safety, protection. Materials items are lovely to have (I love having a good phone and tropical island holidays) but what really matters is the care we give to our own children and those that we have a duty of care too. 

As you head towards the weekend I encourage you to hug your child/ren, tell them you love them, remind them you care, even when they make silly mistakes!

Have a wonderful restful weekend…

Next Week is Week B.

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