Visual and Performing Arts

Digital Multi-media Exhibition

A digital multi-media exhibition will be  held in the new  VPA  Auditorium  (Bayanihan)  on  Friday 14 June, 3-7pm. The exhibit will feature both finished and draft works by Emma Thompson-Chaplin for her Masters final project, related to the question;

‘How can digital media enhance empathy or understanding and instigate a greater emotional response towards an artwork?’

The artworks painted both digitally and by hand will feature digital animation overlays, augmented reality and projections to bring the artwork to life. Following a theme of dreams, nightmares and anxiety, the subject matter aims to elicit a stronger audience reaction.

iPads will be available at the event, however details of an app to download will be provided. Working closely with the VPA team to build the exhibit, this is a  collaborative showcase and we would love you all to come visit and take part.

Please note some of the exhibition pieces may not be appropriate for a younger audience.

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