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An update of the successful performance last Sunday 16 June 2019 at the Theatre at Solaire:

It was truly a wonderful experience for all the Ballet Students to showcase their talents last Sunday at the Theatre at Solaire where international stars perform. The applause and cheers of over 1100 in the audience was non stop. The love and joy of dance was evident in their dances not only in  Part  1  which  included  character,  contemporary  and  modern but also in the narrative ballet in Part 2.

BEAUTY OR THE BEAST – There is a beauty and a beast inside each one… We have our free will and it is up to us which one should emerge. This was the main theme and many life lessons taught based on the story of Beauty and the Beast.

Young Beauty was portrayed by Rhiannon Malpass and the Enchantress was Lucia Montinola. Ruth Hilton was one of the loving sisters of Beauty, simple and unassuming who would rather read than be with the fun loving villagers. The Enchantress was unforgiving and full of hatred, together with her minion the crow, put everyone under their spell. She never forgets the past and makes sure there is the devil to pay for misdeeds.

The ballet students understood the whole story line and were able to perform the parts very well and send the message to the approving audience.

Congratulations to all the Ballet Students for raising the standard of performance. Thank you to the parents who fully supported their daughters during the week of performance and staying for two days at the back stage of Theatre at Solaire. Most importantly a big thank you to the Management Team who wholeheartedly supported this endeavour  and Ballet that has been running for 18 years as an After School Activity.

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